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    Show values of measure names from previous week and make difference?

    Michael Mandik

      My sheet has measure names divided by ops managers and managers filtered to show values only for current week. What I need is to make new column for each of the measures to show values for previous week and then make %diff. I have seen solutions by putting week in row but is it possible this way somehow?


      What I tried:

      • LOOKUP(sum([missed hours]),-1)(shows values from previous row)
      • { FIXED DATEPART('week',[metric_date]),[ops_login_name],[supervisor_login_name]:sum([missed hours])}does nothing, same values as normal
      • I even tried separate calc field DATEPART('week',[metric_date])-1 that shows previous week number and then { FIXED [previous_week],[ops_login_name],[supervisor_login_name]:sum([missed hours])}

      This is my sheet now.