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    Need a Dynamic calc for Getting a small Multiples Grid.

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear Tableau Folks/Viz Gurus / Zen masters


      I am struggling for a Calculation which Generates the Dynamic Grid for small Multiples but the center of the Grid should be empty.

      The Grayed area should not show any values. Please help me with your expertise.

      For creating a small Grid. I am using the below calc. Now I need to adjust my calc in such a way which should make the middle value null in Tableau


      if (INDEX()/[Column Selection])= Int(INDEX()/[Column Selection])

      THEN (INDEX()/[Column Selection])

      ELSEIF  (INDEX()/[Column Selection])<0 THEN Int(INDEX()/[Column Selection])

      ELSE Int(INDEX()/[Column Selection]+1) END


      IIF(INDEX()% [Column Selection]=0,[Column Selection],INDEX()% [Column Selection])


      Simon Runc