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    Rank by Percentage of Spend

    Brian Fornelius

      So I thought I had this figured out.   I was able to get the top 10 rank by Spend working but I cannot seem to get the % of Spend report going.   I want to do the same thing as the top 10 by spend but instead of showing just the top 10 properties with highest spend I want it to show all that would fall in the top 10% of Spend



      then the top....

      11-20 % of Spend

      21-30% of Spend

      31-40% of Spend

      41-50% of Spend


      thanks in advance


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Brian

          Feel you pain - the process is more complex that it first appears

          see the attached

          the REd tab is the summary -

          the sequence is to rank the customers by sales, determine the running sales and identify the divisions - then comeback and aggregate the customers into the appropriate group (in my case quintile)


          the detail includes all customers and the summary collapses the groups - counts the customers in each and determines the total - because ranking gets into table calculations the process is a bit confusing

          Let me know if you have additional questions




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