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    Creating a single worksheet with a bullet graph and a text table on the columns to the right of the bullet graph

    Anuj Gadi


      Bullet Graph..PNG

      I'm looking to create a single worksheet with both a bullet graph and a text table. Is this possible? I tried to do it from reading another post, but I wasn't able to replicate it, so I created a dummy workbook to practice and learn on for this post.

      1. bullet graph - represents a single percentage value for each and every department (finance, accounting, etc.). I'd prefer to keep this on column to the right of the

      2. text table - represents 4 columns' worth of data. I'd like to keep this to the right side of the bullet graph.


      Thank you, looking forward to hearing suggestions. If the above request is possible, we can stick to that.


      *As a note, previously, with different data, I had a dashboard with two separate worksheets next to each other (one for the bullet graph and one for the text table). Both worksheets had the same exact list of departments on the left side of each worksheet. I wasn't sure if there was a way to merge the two worksheets, so that the list of departments wouldn't be repeated twice.