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    Jump plot

    Andrew Morgan

      Hi Community,


      I am thankful to all the people who helped me so far. I am once again facing a problem in creating a jump plot. I want create a jump plot using one dimension and one measure.



      I created this bar chart showing sales by subcategory.

      Now I want to show arc instead of bars. I created few calculations but no luck. This is what I am getting right now.



      Please help me in creating the jump plot.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Ken Flerlage

          So, a couple of things here. First, a jump plot encodes a lot of different data. Both the height and length of each "jump" typically have meaning. So, what meaning would each of those have in your case? Do you just want the height to be the same for all of the jumps? The second thing is that jump plots are quite technically complex (just so you are aware). I'd recommend you start with Chris DeMartini's (one of the inventors of the jump plot) blog on how to create them in Tableau: Time to Get Hopping with Jump Plot by Chris DeMartini and Tom VanBuskirk — DataBlick


          In order to simplify yours a bit, I'd probably recommend pushing the complexity of the table calculations back to the data source. The table calcs you need are primarily for the data densification needed to draw the curves. You're basically artificially creating 100 points using bins. But instead of that, I created a spreadsheet with 101 records with a single column, T, with values ranging from 0 to 1.


          Then, in Tableau, add in the new data set. Then remove your union and join Orders to the new spreadsheet, doing a cross-join using a join calculation of 1 = 1, as shown below:

          From here, you'll have to create a series of calculations to create the curves. I won't write all those details here, but I've commented the calcs on the attached workbook so that they are easier to understand.


          After all is said and done, you should have something like this. Note: I've added some highlighting capabilities to make it easier to see one of the arcs at a time.



          Hope this helps!

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            Andrew Morgan

            Thanks a lot ! You nailed it.