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    Filter and group changes all values


      Hello! I am trying to do a simple filter, group and replace and I'm having trouble.  I have data in two columns that I want to edit the values. Each of the values in column A have corresponding values in B, but a different number of rows.

      Car TypeTrim_levelCost


      (So in the example above- I would want to filter by Mazda and change the trim level 1 to be 'sport', and if there is a row with trim level 3, I would change that to 'grand touring'. For Honda, I would want to rename the trim level 1 to be appropriate for Honda...) In Tableau, I will first select the value in column A, say 'keep only', and then group/ rename in column B. I double check that I am only changing the correct values by double checking the number of rows I am changing. Unfortunately, when I remove the filter then it applies the changes to all values instead of just the filtered ones. In excel, I would typically filter column A and replace/group values in column B and then remove the filter.


      Is there a work around?