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    Singapore geographical map

    Yu Chen Goh

      Hi guys, trying to do a geographical heat map of Singapore, using Average price of homes in each location.


      Unfortunately it will appear in "patches" (orange portions) because Tableau has pre-determined the areas and subareas within Singapore.

      In the example below, my data comes in the form of just "PASIR RIS" but Tableau has Central, Drive, Park, East, West, that kind of thing which makes the orange part NOT fill up the entire Pasir Ris region.


      1) Any solutions to expand it to the area, without editing the original data? I tried the method on < empty space in US county map  > but it applies only for USA country which has states

      2) Any way to feedback to Tableau team to eliminate this extra splitting? We Singaporeans really just consider Pasir Ris one area, rather than Drive, West, Park, etc.


      Thanks so much for the help! 


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          chris monger

          One solution I could think of would be to create a spreadsheet with a list of the regions in tableau, then a list of the regions in your data and join it in.


          You could then use the tableau regions behind yours to fill the whole map, but still colour it by your regions. You would need to create a calculated field which is [date]/countd[tableau region] to display the right amount, otherwise it would be multiplied by the number of regions in that area.


          Hope that makes sense?