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    How to Enable "Submit" Button on the Dashboard ?

    Preetam Jawaria

      Hi Tableau Experts,


      I have one Table with 5 columns in a dashboard .(So only 1 worksheet is there on the dashboard)

      And I have 2 filters - 1. Last Name  2. First Name , applied on the same . These filters are kept as 'Wild Card' type.

      So basically I write some values in the filter and then I get the corresponding data in the Table.


      By Default Tableau has the property that as soon as we write something in the filters , the data will get populated.


      PROBLEM : Client requirement is - We should enter the values in both the filters and then we should click a "Submit" Button then the data in Table should get populate.

                           So nothing should be there (i.e. Blank)  on the dashboard until and unless we write the values in the filters and click the Submit Button.


      Please let me know if more clarification needed , Please let me know the idea to achieve this.


      I have attached the workbook which can help to understand the requirement.