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    Tableau  Packaged Workbook & Data Extracts

    Tony Charles

      I am a so frustrated with Tableau right now. I feel like spanking Tableau so hard until it shares my pain.


      I am screaming to my duck saying  "Why is everything about  Data Extracts in tableau so complicated and confusing than it needs to be compared to other tools such as Power BI?


      It is written everywhere that Tableau  Packaged Workbook (twbx ) is a file that has the underling data packaged with the report or Dashboard that you have created.


      So my first question is this: Why when I try to view  my twbx workbook in another machine it attempts to make connection to original data source where the workbook was originally authored?


      So basically the workbook wouldn't load and show me the dashboard + underlying data.


      Please, I really need your help to explain this better.