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    Admin 1 boundaries for Yemen are incorrect

    Timo Luege

      I'm new to this forum and hope this is the right place to report this issue. I recently worked on a project related to Yemen and discovered that at admin 1 boundaries for Yemen are not correct in Tableau (public). Specifically, the governorate of Taizz is reduced to a literal island, while the governorate of Hodeidah extends too far south. See below.


      Image 1: Western admin 1 boundaries in Tableau with Hodeidah governorate extending too far south and Taizz being too small.

      tableau taizz.PNG


      Image 2: Actual admin 1 boundaries. Source: UN.


      taizz 2.PNG


      While the UN has also published shapefiles for Admin 1 and 2 in Yemen which can be used as a workaround, it'd be great if this could be fixed in Tableau itself.





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          Ryan Whitley

          Hi Timo!

          Thanks for reporting this.  We are on a mission to make sure our map data is up-to-date, and it helps to have feedback about areas that aren't.  We *do* have an updated dataset for Yemen (it matches the U.N. definitions - though some of the names are slightly different Raymah vs. Reimah for example) , and it will be shipped in the 2018.3 release.

          Thanks again!



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