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    Missing Charts in Live Connection

    Vaibhav Yadav

      Hi Community,


      We have a report with over 60 charts connected to 10 data sources blended together.


      The output comes as expected when the data sources are extract (2 months data).


      Now we made the report live and the connections are live to same data sources (impala) so that all data is exposed for selection.


      The charts are randomly shown blank with only axis and legend but no marks. However, if we hit refresh then this randomness changes. The missing chart might come up and any other may get blank or all become blank or all come up.


      Really need help on this as we are on last stage to take sign off on project.


      Tableau version 10.2

      Connection ODBC Cloudera Driver, authenticated via Kerberos, Live to physical tables.


      In back end, all queries get executed on Hadoop within minute and data returned is in MBs.