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    Period Comparison




      Need to implement YoY and QoQ toggle in the attached report using a parameter toggle.


      Please advise on what is the right approach to take and how to achieve it ?




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          Joe Oppelt

          In the attached I used a method we have to change our view from one date level to the other.  It has its limitations, but I think it might work for you.


          I changed your [Period] parameter to use string values for the internal values.  The two strings I chose are the ones that the DATE functions use as the date_part indicator.


          Then I made a new date field that truncates your date to the first day of the specified date_part.  So October 15 gets truncated to October 1 for quarters, and to Jan 1 for years.


          See Sheet 2 of the attached.  When you select one or the other param values, you can see how the dates behave.  I also used the DATENAME function to extract the string value of the specified date part.  Notice that you only get 1-throug-4 for the quarter values, but you can do some additional manipulation to build "Q4 2014" when the param is set to QoQ.