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    Calculating row sales on total sales of the segment

    Lotte Van Doorss



      I'm quite new to Tableau, and I'm trying to figure out how to calculate sales on total sales of the segment.

      For example:


      Client Id
      SegmentSalesSales contribution
      Client 1Segment ABC25025% (or 250/(250+750))
      Client 2Segment ABC75075% (or 750/(250+750))
      Client 3Segment XYZ40020% (or 400/(400+400+1200))
      Client 4Segment XYZ40020% (or 400/(400+400+1200))
      Client 5Segment XYZ120060% (or 400/(400+400+1200))


      Is there a convenient way to do so? I have not yet figured this out and can't seem to find the right HELP articles.


      Kind regards,