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    Filtering two dimensions

    sowjanya kolluru



      I have a data with 3 columns.

      1. PRODUCT CATEGORY - Credit Cards, Mortgages, Current Accounts

      2. KRI NAME - In this we have 10 KEy Risk Indictor names

      3. KIR VALUE - In this we have 10 Key risk Indictor values


      I have to prepare a combo line charts.


      what I want to do is as below:


      I want to create two calculated fields KRI name 1 and KRI Name 2 with the same values of KRI Name


      secondly, Product category, KRI name 1 and KRI name 2  will be added to my filters.


      Now, when I select Product category for example, credit cards...... then my KRI Name 1 and KRI name 2 should show only the relevant KRI's for Credit cards.


      I select to show only relevant values, then what happens is only for KRI Name 1 the values are relevant, but for KRI name 2 is not selecting relevant values for credit cards.


      Even though it is showing as selected, it is not.


      Also when I select the credit cards, and kri name my first line gets updated, but when I select my second KRI name 2, my charts disappears.


      I have tried by adding my Product category to my context, and selected my KRI names 1 and 2 to be only relevant values to context, still it is not working. please help.





      what is wanted to show is as below: when I select my product category, I want to display to lines, one for KRI name 1 and second axis is KRI Name 2.  please help me if this is possible.