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    Calculated field based on customer history

    Mohamed El Hamrouni


      I am a Tableau new user. I am trying to see how I can create new calculated fields within Tableau to be able afterwards to use predictive models.

      Indicative example:

      * To produce predictive variables, I need to enrich each row of the db ("shopping actions" table) with a new field. Each row represents a shopping action from a customer abc (customer id, amount paid, venue date,...). For row "x", I need to have a field (column to add) describing "customer past buying behaviour" corresponding at this venue date in the row "x".  I need to go through the whole "shopping actions" table focusing only on rows where customer id = "abc" AND venue date < venue date of row "x".

      How can Tableau functions help me in this please?

      Thank you for your help.

      Kind Regards,