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    Chaining Dashboard Action Filters

    Jan van Roozendaal

      Hi Tableau Community,


      This question is somewhat related to a previous question asked on this topic by Kay T on the thread Chain Action Filters. The scenario used here is a tad different and does not use any date field filtering.


      Enclosed is a dummy dataset and an example packaged workbook that can be used for troubleshooting.


      I have a dashboard that shows for both companies and products the sum of orders, split by color based on order status (Approved or Rejected). The third sheet simply shows an overview of Order ID numbers based on the selection.


      (Apologies if it's too small, I don't know how to upload it using the original scale...)


      By enabling the "Use as Filter" option on both Sheet 1 and Sheet 2, I get the dashboard filter action I want.



      However, the effect is lost when I want to try and 'chain' multiple dashboard filter actions together.


      To give an example: let us say I start with Sheet 1 and I select for Company A only the 3 rejected orders.


      So far, so good. Sheet 2 is filtered based on the 3 rejected orders, and so is Sheet 3.


      Now, let us say that out of those three remaining orders, I want to select the only order related to Chairs as shown on Sheet 2:


      Now something has gone wrong.


      Remember from the first screenshot that there were five rejected orders in total with Chair as product. It seems that the information of the first filter (Company="A") is forgotten after triggering a dashboard filter action on another sheet.


      Is there a way to 'chain' those dashboard action filters together so that the user can continue filtering and drilling-down to their final desired selection?



      I know this can be solved by using quick filters with "Only Relevant Values" enabled and applying them to all worksheets on the dashboard:




      So, you could recreate my given example and have the desired outcome:




      However, due to performance issues on the real dashboard and the larger number of sheets and filters that need to be included, my idea was to replace these quick filters with dashboard action filters to improve performance, as it is considered as one of the great tips to improve performance when dealing with filters on dashboards.


      Any tips on how to approach this desired effect with simple dashboard action filters would be appreciated.


      EDIT: Based on Naveen B's first given solution, I feel I should explain another requirement: My example above showed the user navigating from Sheet 1 --> Sheet 2 ---> Sheet 3 as final output. I am searching for a solution where it should not matter with which sheet the user starts the 'chain' of filters. This means that it should not matter if the user starts with Sheet 1, 2 or 3, nor shouldn't it matter which sheet will become the second sheet where the user wants to apply a filter.


      Thanks in advance!


      - Jan

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          Naveen B

          Hi Jan,


          You need pass the dashboard actions manually instead using them as Use as filter check the attached workbook


          Hope this helps kindly mark this answer as correct/helpful so that it will be helpful to others




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            Jan van Roozendaal

            Hi Naveen,


            Thanks for your quick reply! Indeed, your solution would work when navigating from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 and having the final relevant output in Sheet 3.


            What I forgot to mention (apologies in advance!) is that the user should be able to start on any sheet, and for any consecutive sheet that they continue filtering on the output of all other remaining sheets should be related to the previous filter selections. I'll put this remark on my original post with an 'edit' label.


            In your solution workbook, when starting from Sheet 2, some errors start to show up.


            Starting with the 8 rejected orders on Table gives me more results than required on Sheet 3, and there is no action on Sheet 1:


            Then, if I click on the 5 rejected orders of Company C, there is a further mismatch:



            The reason I used not to manually create dashboard filter actions on specific fields is because the number of possible combinations across sheets within the dashboard can ramp up to 50+ that I find it too difficult to manage. Not all fields to filter on in my real dashboard are present on all sheets.


            Nevertheless, a huge thanks for your effort already!

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              Ira Skop

              I visited the forum today in hopes of finding an answer to the exact same problem. Would love to know if someone has an approach that will work.

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                Mariana LaDue

                I have exactly the same problem. Behind the scene the second action filter overrides the first because the data from the second selection (by itself) is broader that the data from the first selection. The action filters do not seem to be cascading, but independent of each other and the second click overrides the first unless the second click is for selecting a subset of data in a chart that contains the fields filtered by the first action.


                The confusing part is that the first selection / click is not cleared by the second click which I believe is a bug in the Tableau software. In my application, it is not immediately clear that the second click returns broader data. The user is misled because the both action filters stay selected while in fact the first action filter is cancelled by the second .


                I contacted Tableau but I don't have a response yet.



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                  I am having same issue where after second selection , previous dashboard filters are lost.

                  Anyone able to figure this out.