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    Issue with filtering out the shift timings

    Rajesh Kota

      Hello All,


      Please help me to sort out the below issue.


      I have a Date Parameter, Date_Time filter, Shift, Manufacturing Time in my view.


      So based on the date parameter, i have used relevant filters to get relevant shift & relevant time.


      I am getting correct values for 1st shift (6AM to 2PM)and 2nd shift(2PM to 10PM) respectively.



      But for the 3rd Shift (10PM to next day morning 6AM), values are not coming correctly.


      Here the data is coming for 12AM to 6AM (this comes under previous day third shift data) & 10PM to 11:59PM (Today's third shift data).


      So, the requirement is when you click on 3rd shift, the Date_Time filter should show 10PM to next day morning 6AM data. i.e 10:00:00PM to 6:00:00AM



      I have attached a sample TWBX workbook.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance...