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    Split days


      Hi Team,


      I have one challenge is that


      I have data like project name and start date and end date

      i am taking date difference between  two dates and its like

      Project    date diff

      1                10

      2                   20

      3                  30

      4                  40

      5                   60

      6                100

      7                   15

      8                    68

      9                   150

      10                   125

      11                   50


      then issue is i want consider the each record date diff is grater than 20 days then show one and below 20 days is one color


      Suppose here project 3,4,6,5,are the date difference is grater than 20 i want split that project like project 6 has date difference is 100 days i want show in 100 below 20 is one color and above 20 is one color like

      that which records has >20 that records i want split to below 20 one color and above 20 one color


      Thanks In advance

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          Jan van Roozendaal



          You can perform conditional formatting based on your DATEDIFF() calculation.


          Assuming you have created a calculated field to compute the date differences:



          You can create another calculated field to specify two outcomes: one where your date difference is lower than 20, and one where it is equal or higher than 20.


          Place that field onto the Color shelf on the Marks card and your date difference results will be formatted by one of two colors depending on the value. You might have to change the colors to your liking.


          (I used my own dummy data to test it, don't worry that it doesn't match your example.)


          Kind regards,


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            Hi Jan,


            Thanks for quick reply


            But i need split the project 1 and 3 also 


            project 1 has 59 days under 59 < 20 days is green and >20 is red like that i need graph

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              Jan van Roozendaal

              Continuing from my example, if you were to place the calculated field "Date Diff Color" onto Filter, you could 'split' your projects by keeping only 'green' or 'red' projects, if I undestand you correctly.


              For instance, you could filter on 'Green', then duplicate the sheet, and adjust the filter to 'Red' on the duplicated sheet. Then you can create two graphs where 'green' and 'red' projects are split.