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    PDF Generation Issue with TABCMD

    Srinivas  Peyyala

      Hi Team,


      We need help from your guys.


      Currently we are with Support of Generating Tableau Dashboard PDF's from Tableau Server/Online. For this we are using some scripts to generate them from Tableau Online with Tabcmd.


      Softwares I'm using : Command line utility 2018.2  , Tableau Online is also at same level now 2018.2.


      Please find the Batch file description below :



      cd <C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.2\extras\Command> Line Utility

      REM --Generating all Distributor Dashboard pdfs

      tabcmd login -s https://online.tableau.com -t Foldername -u username@companyname.com -p abc1234 .



      Issue : When we run this Batch file the Tabcmd asking us the Password . We are facing this Issue since 2 weeks still not resolved .


      Please provide us your inputs if any of you are aware of this.