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    Extract creation failure

    Koti D

      Hi All,


      i have a dashboard, which is having extract connection.i have schedule a refresh every day at 12:30 pm IST in Server. The problem is extract is not creating sometimes due to that not getting data into dashboard, with out doing anything for the next refresh its automatically populating data again. don't know the reason.every couple of days it's happening.

      I downloaded the workbook and try to create the extract manually getting error like this : ' Object is not found,unable to create extract'. when i try to change the connection to live and create a new extract it's working fine. what might be the reason ?


      i am using 10.3.3 version.




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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Koti,


          I have seen a similar post having disk-space issue

          • Create a new live connection to the  data source.
          • From the worksheet, right-click the data source and select Extract.




            When I go worksheet, Data -> (My data source) -> Extract DataIt runs for a while then a message box "Reconnect to (my data source)?" pop up, then when I click "Yes", the ori message box pop up which is the "Unable to extract data" message.When I repeat the steps and click "No" this time, the message box below pop up.
            • Empty the Windows TEMP folder (default location: C:\TEMP).
            • Limit the size of the extract.
            • Use Tableau Desktop on a 64-bit computer.
            • Close other applications that you are not actively using.
            Find more --->:Tableau Data Engine Error 4 When Working with Extracts | Tableau Software




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          Find the original post here --->Unable to create extract




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