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    Word wrapping in text field: last character not displayed after publishing

    D B

      Hi all,


      I am having an issue with word wrapping in text fields:

      as you can see on the left side of attached screenshot, the last character at the right end of every line in my text field is not displayed after publishing the report to the server and opening the report in the browser (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer).

      right characters are cut off.png

      But when I hover over the text field, word wrapping is correctly done in tooltip and all characters are correctly displayed (right side of screenshot).


      In Tableau Desktop it is the same behaviour (no cut off characters at right end when displaying the text field or in tooltip).


      Is this a bug or does anybody know a solution for this issue?


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Best regards




      P.S. By the way, is there a setting in Tableau to get rid of the black border lines (see red arrow in screenshot), which appear, when I hover over a text field (in browser and also in Tableau Desktop)?