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    Analysing ONLY rows with certain values, under a particular dimension?

    Jinjia Lin

      I have a data source with the following columns:


      Gender, Name, Favourite Sport


      I want to calculate the different sums of people who like particular sports, but only for a certain gender in a particular instance, through a parameter control for users to interact with.


      How do I filter the rows based on gender first, then proceed to count the number of people who favour a particular sport? I tried to create a parameter with Male/Female as the values and then building a calculated field:


      Case [Gender]

      when 'Male' then ...

      when 'Female' then ...


      but I have no inkling on the functions that I should use. Is it lookup?


      I am hoping for my end result on the Worksheet/Dashboard to look something like this:


      Table 1: Favourite Sport of Males


      Tennis 5


      And then a separate "Table 2" for Females when I toggle the gender parameter accordingly.


      Thanks in advance for the help!