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    Permissions for subscribing other users to a workbook

    Dan Huston

      Greetings -


      We are using Tableau Server version 10.5 and in the production environment only the administrators publish content. We have a request from a user to be able to subscribe other users to a workbook. According to this article:


      Set Up a Server for Subscriptions


      "Administrators, project leaders, and content owners have the option to subscribe other users to workbooks and views."


      I am looking for a way to create a role where, perhaps a project leader, could subscribe others to views but not be able to publish content, is that an option?



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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Dan,


          I don't think so since as per Project Leader definition as below


          Project Leader: If the user has, or is in a group that has, the Project Leader permissions role on a project, the user has administrative access to content in that project.


          Project leaders can do all the followings for the contents within the specific project that a site user is project leader of:

          1. Change extract refresh schedule
          2. Modify any workbooks (web edit or re-publish)
          3. Change workbook owner
          4. Change data source owner
          5. Change data source user/password
          6. Delete workbooks
          7. Change workbook or data source permissions
          8. Move workbook from one project to  another if the user is project leader for both source and target projects.
          9. Lock or unlock project permission
          10. Certify or uncertified data sources (10.4 and above)
          11. Create or delete sub project folder(10.5 and above)





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            Mark Wu

            Dan, If you use 10.5.1 and above, it is not doable anymore since Tableau changed it. Project Leader Permissions Changed after 10.5.1 Upgrade | Tableau Software


            Vote for https://community.tableau.com/ideas/8934  please 

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              Sandy KW

              Hi All -

              Am I understanding correctly that it is not possible for a user to subscribe other users to a workbook?  I have created and published several workbooks for our client management team and the Manager of that team is wanting to set up subscriptions for her team members. 

              Is there a different site role or a setting I can change?  Or is this really not possible?  I find that to be a surprising (and annoying) limitation.

              What have you all done to work around this?  I can't imagine that I would have to set up subscriptions for everybody, or they would all need to be told what to set up for themselves.


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                Mark Wu

                First of all, I am not a fan for subscription since I believe that Tableau's beauty is about its interactivity and subscription loses all of that. Also overtime you do not know if subscribers opens their emails or not.....


                Have said that, if you really want the manager of team to be able to subscribe others. The settings are:

                • Make the manager site role as Publisher (vote forhttps://community.tableau.com/ideas/8934  if you want interactor site role to be able to do that)
                • Grant the manager with Project Leader permission for the project where the workbook is published.