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    Alternative to manual sorting


      I have multiple fields, of which "not assigned" is a possible value.  When creating a frequency chart of each field, I would like "not assigned" to be at the top.  Is there a way to do this with a calculation, to avoid using manual sorting?


      Perhaps the easiest way is to create an alias with a leading space and sort alphabetically, but that's cheating

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          Naveen B

          Hi RangaWal,


          Click on the field --> Default Properties --> Sort --> Move the not assigned to top

          So whenever you uses the field since its default property not assigned will come @top


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            Vijay Kulkarni

            Hi RangaWal,


            Please go through attached workbook. Create a set on dimension Assignment as Not Assigned based on value 'Not Assigned'. Drag it on row shelf before Assignment, right click on it and unselect Show Header option. This will help to show Not Assigned always on top. Also, it will provide flexibility to sort other members of Assignment field in Ascending / Descending or alphabetic order.


            Hope it helps you.

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