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    Column hiding

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      I have a workbook which is using HANA live data source.One particular direct column from HANA is used in a calculated field.The users want measures names to be kept on filter.

      So my question is if I hide the the original column and publish the workbook,will the calculated filed still work or it will give error.






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          Andrew Bickert

          Hi Sasmita,


          Calculated fields in Tableau require that the field is visible. I do not believe that you would even have the option to hide a column if it is being referenced by a dimension/measure that is on a sheet/dashboard. You can get around this in a limited fashion by using parameters to control which Measure Names are visible but it is not always practical if you have a lot of Measures.


          To do this you would need to create a parameter called "Measure" with the Measures you would like to include.

          Create a calculation called Measures to get the values for the different measures you would want.


          CASE [Measure]

          WHEN  "Days to Ship Actual" then [Days to Ship Actual]

          WHEN "Days to Ship Scheduled" then [Days to Ship Scheduled]

          WHEN "Discount" then [Discount]

          When "Profit" then [Profit]

          WHEN "Sales" then [Sales]

          WHEN "Quantity" then [Quantity]



          Add your Measure Names Filter to the top and choose your "Measures" Calculation, add the parameter to the view and the Measure Value.


          Attached a workbook for reference, again not ideal if you have a lot of measures but works in some cases.


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            Tableau learner

            Thank you so much Andrew for the response.I got your point.