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    Create a Dashboard with Hits and Misses

    Pavan Naik Nenavath

      I have a data set with Start Time, Completion Time and SLA Time (Cutoff time). If completion time > SLA time then it is Miss otherwise it will be Hit.

      If SLA time is 'No SLA'  that means there is no deadline for completion time and always it will be Hit.

      Start Time and Completion Time are in Date Time Format. SLA time is in Time format indicating only the cutoff time like 00:30, 15:30, 16:30 etc.

      If SLA time is 00:30 that means it is either same or next day of Start time depending on the record.

      All the times are in same time zone IST.

      Can someone create a dashboard with hits and misses on monthly basis.

      Please find the attached excel file.