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    Dynamic Parameter Possible?

    Linda Dawson

      Hi Tableau Guys,


      Is it possible to automatically load most updated dynamic parameter values? For example, I have a column named "order date". it has the date values from Jan 1, 2016 to today, which is Aug 3, 2018. I made a parameter "Date selected" based on this dimension, and it introduces all dates up to today. After one week, the date will be Aug 10, 2018. The order date column is also automatically updated to Aug 10 because the data source is refreshed everyday. However, the problem is, the most recent date listed in the parameter is still Aug 3, 2018. If I want the date Aug 10, 2018, I need to manually delete the parameter and rebuild it. That is stupid. Is it possible to make the parameter dynamic and always hold the most updated date, which is today ?





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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Linda,

          Parameters are Static by Nature at This moment, What You Can Do is You Can Set Up the Relative Date Filter and Select Year To Date or Last One Year Or whatever, That way your data will always remain current in view. If You have some other purpose of using Parameter, then pl paste some workbook to see how u can be helped.



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            Santiago Sanchez

            Hi Linda,


            With the Extensions API, released with version 2018.2 last Monday, you can now use: https://extensiongallery.tableau.com/products/26. That extension allows you to configure a parameter to today, but is also flexible for yesterday, n days/months/years before, etc.


            2018.2 version is brand new, so I understand it may take some time to upgrade. Once you can do though, no need to worry about static parameters anymore!


            Hope this helps!


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