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    Error opening text file with Tableau


      I am trying to connect to some text files via Tableau. (Nanometrics RPM2000 .dat VCSEL reflectivity files, if you're curious.)


      There are some rows of metadata, with headers on rows 29 and 30:

      (The forums turn one half of my cut-and-paste into a poorly formatted table and have no options for getting rid of it. So, I'll find the forum-forums and complain about THAT problem there.)


      X , Y, SB Center, F-P Dip,

         [mm],  [mm], [nm], [nm],


      When I turn on Tableau data interpreter, I get this unhelpful error:

      "Unable to complete action Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed."


      After the headers, there's some CSV data.


      How do I import this into Tableau? Should I give up and just use Pandas?


      Tableau prep refuses to open ".dat" files... so I could rename the files, but ... come on.


      Win10, Tableau 2018.2.

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          Don Wise

          Hi Evan,


          Not sure if this thread is helpful for you, but it does point to potentially renaming the files with .txt extension. 


          If this resolves your issue, please mark this response as correct to close the thread and so that others may find it useful in the future.  Thx, Don


          .DAT data source connection 

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            Hi Don,


            Thanks for the tip. Changing the extension lets Tableau open the file, leading to an only slightly less myopic error message:



            An error occurred while communicating with the data source.


            Invalid table name value

            Invalid table name value

            The table "[TableauTemp].[filename]" does not exist.

            Unable to connect to the server "". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database."


            Pandas/Python/MySQL looking like the way to go...


            ETA: I can view the data with this method, but the import is not very good. (The headers are on rows 29/30, and, IIUC, there isn't a way to tell Tableau to skip 28 rows and collapse the headers.)