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    Displaying Measures in data table using data blended from two seperate tables, separate columns

    Daniel Trynoski

      Hi, I’m new to data blending and looking for help on the best way to do this. I have 3 tables I’m using: One contains my org hierarchy of Owner, CDO, VP, SVP which is how i'm displaying my rows.   The other 2 files contain two separate types ticket data. Each have a common field that I use to link back to my org hierarchy: “Owner” (Problem Owner, Change Owner).


      I want to display separate counts for the number of records in each of the two tables (Change Tickets, Problem Tickets). Additionally, I only want to count Problem Tickets that have the [SEC] tag in them and also further separate them in columns by priority (2 – High, 3 – Medium, 4 – Low).  There would be 4 total columns, 3 for Problem tickets (high, med, low) and one for Changes.


      I’ve managed to get the 3 problem ticket columns to display how I want, but I can’t figure out how to add a new column where it would display my Change Tickets. When I try to add it, it adds a new column in each of my priority columns under problem tickets.


      The workbook and data I’m sharing are examples from excel files which I’ve attached to this post.


      Rough example of how I'm trying to get it look:


      Problem Ticket - High (problem table)
      Problem Tickets Medium (problem table)Problem Tickets Low (problem table)
      Change Tickets (change table)
      Joey Timely0102
      Jack Johnson1124