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    Dashboard Default Value filter when nothing is selected

    Alex Camatti

      Hi Experts,


      i have been searching in the web a way to do a simple thing, but it seems that isn't very simple to do this, so lets go:


      i have a action in my dashboard that "show all values" when determinated company are selected, i have 3 companies, when i select company 1 or 2 or 3 the action filter the values in others worksheets like a charm. But when i click again in the same campany, the filter will disapear because nothing is selected. I'm looking for a way to set a value when nothing is selected. For example, if i click in company 1, the filter will show me all values for that, but when i click again in company 1, i want that the filter set the value to company 3 and stay filtered for this value, so when i click again in company 1 or 2 the filter needs to filter too. My companies are displaying a list of values with a percentage, so i'm clicking in this list, and making the action with this