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    Tableau Desktop Product Releases - How does it work?

    Jennifer VonHagel

      Hi, Is there any way to gauge when the next Tableau Desktop version (with clear worksheets and navigation-creating features) will be released? It was just released as beta last week.


      I'm working on a very large, many-paged project for a client. This will be an embedded Tableau Public dashboard shown on a few public websites. We are using navigation by action filter, with images as buttons to click on. If I bring the images directly to the dashboard, the quality looks pretty good. But when I create them as a custom shape on a worksheet and then bring them into the dashboard, the quality isn't as great.


      I'm working on a few options within Tableau 2018.2 to clean up the image quality and I'm sure we'll find a solution, but I was really thrilled to hear last week that the next release of Tableau Desktop will have innate navigation-creating capabilities.  This would just make everything so much easier and more efficient.


      Is there a typical amount of time between a beta release and full production release? We do have a deadline for this project but we are wondering if waiting for the new navigation features is a possibility.




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          Chris McClellan

          The official reply is usually "when it's ready".  It's great to tell clients about the upcoming features, but if you have a deadline then I'd be building on 2018.2 only. 

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            Jennifer VonHagel

            Hi Chris, thanks for responding.


            Yes, I've been asking around and that seems to be the answer, which is completely reasonable, as who knows what will come to light as it is tested by the user community.  It feels like Tableau releases updates quite often, but I've never paid attention to what a typical time between a beta and production release is (and maybe there isn't a typical time). Thought someone might have a sense of it that would help my client decide whether to push their deadline. But we have moved forward with 2018.2.


            And yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you about building in production. I wouldn't build something for a client in beta, we'd wait for a production release.


            Thanks again,