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    What refresh's faster custom sql or view | Comments or no Comments | Volatile or non-Volatile

    Gilbert Vera

      I have a question regarding refresh speed on the tableau server.



      Is it faster to use a view in Teradata or to use custom sql as a data source?


      I always thought that a view would be faster for the tableau to refresh on the server versus just using custom sql.


      but I want to know for sure.



      And if Custom sql is the way to go, would it be faster to remove all the comments before adding the sql code into the custom sql tab.


      And is it faster to use Volatile tables as part of the custom sql or to not use volatile tables.




      Sorry for the multiple parts of this question, I am trying to see about ways of optimizing my server.


      and if anyone has ever done any benchmarking to this.


      thank you,