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    Calculated Field / Multiple ID's / Different Categories

    Drew Davis

      I have a question. I would typically use some COUNIF's in excel, but I'm not sure how to work this in Tableau.


      There are three columns of data: ID, Category, and Status. The ID may appear multiple times (rows), each with a different category, but same status. The are three categories... A,B,C and two status "Yes" and null.


      Sample Data:

      131A, B, Null

      2A13, C, Yes

      2A13, A, Yes

      2A13, B, Yes

      12B4, A, Yes


      I need to create a calculated field that will display a "1" if the ID has a status of null, a "2" if the ID has a category of "B" on any row, and a "3"  otherwise.


      Sample Data with calculated field:


      131A, B, Null, 1

      2A13, C, Yes, 2

      2A13, A, Yes, 2

      2A13, B, Yes, 2

      12B4, A, Yes, 3


      Any suggestions would be great. Displaying the "1" is easy. I'm not sure how to check all the rows of data to see if any row has the same ID and then check the category.