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    Retrieve the latest valid status

    natasja mooij

      Hello! I am a bit stuck when working on a dashboard for one of our clients. I have a feeling that what I want is possible, but I can't seem to get to the solution alone.


      I have a product that can have multiple statuses, each status represents a certain part of the process. In the database, all the statuses per product are saved.


      Now I want to make sure that for each product only the latest status is showed where the start date is in the past. If you look at the image, this means that I only want to see the 'market introduction start'. But at the end of the month, this needs to be 'market introduction finish' because then that status is the last valid one.



      I hope my explanation is a bit clear, unfortunately, I can't include a workbook due to the privacy of the data.


      Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?