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    Pulling Sharepoint List from Sharepoint Online (office 365)

    Maurice Esperanza

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I've been tasked to pull lists from SharePoint online to tableau but I haven't had any luck. I currently use Tableau version 10.4 and I've tried using SharePoint list driver native to tableau and it worked for our on premise SharePoint but not for SharePoint online. Any Idea why it doesn't work for SharePoint online?



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          Hello Maurice,


          The connection should work to the Sharepoint List Online as expected. Are there any errors being returned when the connection fails? Please include a screen shot of the error message, including the 'Show Details' information (if available).


          I am also interested if there is any issue signing directly into Sharepoint Online from the computer and credentials that are experiencing the issue. Figuring this out would help eliminate potential issues that could be causing problems. 



          Byrne, Patrick