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    Cube Data - How to create a parameter control that brings back desired year?

    RIcky Hames

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am hoping for some support on an issue I have come across, for the first time I am using multidimensional data in a cube (Microsoft Analysis Services)


      The issue:

      I have multidimensional cube where I would like the user to be able to select using parameter controls which year of data (this example net sales) they would like to view


      The issue being is that because data in multidimensional, I can't bring the dimension into the calculated field like I have previously using relational data.


      I have done some research and they suggested MDX calculated member but I have no knowledge of how to use this.


      I have updated some screen shots which hopefully will explain a little more of the issue I am facing:


      Screen shot 1. Dimensions - Cube - how to link to calculated field?


      Screen shot 2. Calculated Member created using MDX!  (Not sure whether this is correct or not!) - created in order to pull into calculated field


      Screen shot 3. Calculated field


      Screen shot 4. Parameter Control


      I am hoping someone is going to say I am nearly there so any advice would be massively appreciated


      My ultimate goal is to get a dynamic dashboard which allows the user to select two different years and have a calculated field which subtracts one another


      Thank you for reading and helping


      Ricky Hames