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    Choose variable data for a specific row

    Wendy Willis

      Hi Experts,


      I am new to Tableau and would need some advice from you!


      I have a hypothetical dataset with 4 variables: model, rate, size, total rate (=rate x size)


      Let say I have models A, B, C, D, E. All models have fixed size except C has variable sizes.


      How can I implement a simple matrix, like the one in the attached Excel file, in a Tableau dashboard?


      In the Excel sheet, I included a list of values for the sizes for C, and allow the user to choose them from a drop down box. How to do this in a dashboard?


      The key thing is that the user can choose from the different sizes for model C and compute the total rate accordingly from the dashboard. Any simple and user-friendly ways to implement this feature are most welcome.


      Thank you in advance!