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    LODs of problems - COUNTD - But I can't - So How?

    Stephen Groff

      I have a list of [Event #]... thousands of them.


      Because of joins and recurring data, I have duplicate events.


      [Event #] = lots of duplicates


      Attached to about 45% of these [Event #] is the [Wait Time]


      So 2 columns Event # and Wait Time...


      I have a calculation that SUM[Wait Time]


      Because I have so many duplicated [Events], the sum of the total [Wait Time] is completely wrong.


      I'm trying to drag the measure [Total Wait Time] on to the label card, and it works but it's wrong...


      In my head this works, but in Tableau, this is impossible:

      { FIXED COUNTD([Event #]):SUM([Wait Time])}


      Does anyone know how I can sum the total [Wait Time] for each distinct [Event]?  I "can't use an aggregated expression as a dimension, because it is a measure."


      Thanks folks!