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    Formatting detail in map

    Miriam Clayton

      Hi tableau community,


      I've searched the forum but have yet to find an answer to my problem.

      I'm trying to show a map of the uses of different kinds of papers across the world. I have tried placing this info per in the detail section, but don't want the null values for papers not used by a certain country to show up in the pop up. I only want the paper ranges for values above 1 to appear.

      I've tried making this happen through the analysis and formatting sections, where I've selected hide null values, however they still appear on the map pop up.

      Does anyone know how to hide these null values from showing up on a map?

      Ps. I'm not sure why my map has country titles in Spanish. I'm sure there's an easy way to change it to English, but I'm not sure how. If someone could help me with that too it would be great!




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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Miriam,


          I'm not totally sure about which dimension would have the NULL values you want to exclude, but assuming it's [Laid Paper], you can drag it into Filters and exclude NULL:


          This gives you something like this:

          As for the titles in Spanish, I'm actually seeing them in English on Tableau Public. Perhaps your computer or browser is set to 'Spanish'?


          Hope this helps!


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            Miriam Clayton

            Thanks Santiago,


            It's not only for laid paper, that was just an example. It's for all of the paper variables for each country that are over 0, ie. not null. Could I drag all of the different papers into this filter to make them not show up as null based on the countries where they are not used? I believe I tried this last night and it didn't work. What do you suggest?




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              Santiago Sanchez

              Not sure I totally understand which varieties you need to remove, but I'd try a calculated field like the one below where there's a line for every variety you want to check for. Then set that as a filter for TRUE.

              The formula checks which papers are not null, keeps only those when set the filter to TRUE, and we then count.