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    Drill Down Option

    Prajval T

      Hi Team,


      Thank you so much for ever one who are supporting us to explore many features through your solutions.


      My Requirement : I have view like below, where I have summary Pie chart and detailed and Segment wise breakups in the below view across time period.

      My expected functionality is, when I click on sales slice, I need to see only sales in 3 segments, when I click on profit slice I need to see on profit in the below across segment.


      I tried doing the same using actions, but action is not working at all.


      Can any one help me how to get this done?





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          Prajval T

          Hi Team,


          Any update on above requirement?




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            Rajeev Pandey

            Hi Prajval.

            Please follow the below steps

            1) Add segment to your action filter .create an action as per below image. Make sure you should add segment to your sheet 1. Put segment in details/

            Then try



            Hope this helps. Please close the thread by marking it as correct answer

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              Prajval T

              Hi Rajeev,

              Thank you for the reply.


              When I am adding segment to pie chart , Pie slices are splitting like 3 slots for Profit and 2 slots for sales.

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                Rajeev Pandey

                This should happen right because each segment has three measures - Sales, Profit, and Quantity.

                You cannot combine your measures into one and then show it against one Segment.

                Home office

                1) Sales - X

                2) Profit - Y

                3) Quantity - Z


                If you wanna solve this Problem, then create a parameter with sales, profit, and Quantity and pass it on details so

                when the user selects Sales only sales value will appear. This will solve your issue.


                Case Parameter

                When "Sales" Then Sum(sales)

                When "Profit" Then Sum(Profit)

                When "Quantity" Then Sum(Quantity)



                Let me know if you still face any issue and if it solves the Problem. kindly mark this as the correct answer and close the thread.