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    Sum and percentage of a measure in one cell

    Maciej Gieparda

      Hi everyone!


      I have an issue. My client would like to have a special table where in one cell are two values that are converted from the same one measure


      Data looks like this:


      Books: 670

      Cars: 330


      And I would like to have in table something like this:


      Header 1Header 2

      I would be grateful for your help

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          Naveen B

          HI Maciej,


          I have taken the sample dataset and data like below


          Step 1: Drag Category to rows and sales to text as like below


          Step 2: Create a calculated field like below


          Total % : SUM([Sales])/TOTAL(SUM([Sales]))

          Step 3: Drag it to text as like below


          Step 4: change the formatting of calculated field to show it as % and along with it change the text format like below ( by clicking on Text)


          FINAL VIEW:


          Hope this helps kindly mark this answer as correct and helpful so that it will help others and as well it will close thread




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