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    how to get the floating Headers




      I am using the placeholders approach as i have to color code few columns. So i thought i will keep a floating text boxes after Written. But i have scroll bar, so can you suggest me any other way to keep the headers, as i am getting the scroll bars at the bottom as it should have the headings even when a scroll to the right?


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          i don't know how that placeholder method works, but I would use a dual axis (not synced) for each measure that you want a header for.

          I usually just type directly columns and I use avg(0)

          This will produce two axis, one on the top and one on the bottom.

          The one on the top can get any title you want, and you can use no tick marks to get rid of any axis marks.

          The one on the bottom you just need to also give no tick marks, delete the title and use a fixed range that is well off the board (like 4 to 5)

          Then on the top axis, which is your second marks card, you can use the measure you want to display on text and use whatever you want on colour.

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            Tushar  More

            Hi Jyosthna,


            Why don't you include axis name in the existing method?  Please check this. Let's say this is my view.

            Right click on the axis > edit axis >remove title.

            Repeat the same for another axis but this time enter a name.

            Then create dual axis.

            This way you can avoid adding names manually.


            Let me know that helps or not.



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              Thanks for the reply.I have attached the dummy sheet. i am looking for headings in parallel to read and written. I have to color code few columns and i want them in certain order. So can you give me some suggestions. I dont not wnat the headings to be at the bottom but wanted them at the top of the values.


              Thanks in advance.

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                In the attached workbook I used what I described in my previous answer.

                I only did it for 3 of your columns to demonstrate it.

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