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    String based on a calculated field with strings

    Malene Fangel



      I have a question. I have made an IMR chart based on the median for each day. Right now it looks like this:


      I would like to have a text field, that describe if the last dot was "in range" or broken by a rule, such that "Outlier".


      I have a calculated field (called Signals), that returns a string with "In range" or the name of the broken rule.


      Then i tried to make another calculated field, based on "Signals, that should return a description of the dot. Like if the Signals for the last dot is green and returned "In range" then the description should return "No rules are broken".

      This should only hold for the last dot.


      I have tried different functions such that CONTAINS or LOOKUP, but I can't get it to work.

      Can anybody help me?