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    Interpolate data that falls between two rates?

    Aaron Wang


      I'm wondering how to go about interpolating a rate if it is between two rates...

      To start with, this is what I have now,


      So here, the $250,000 has a grouping of C (The grouping can be either A, B, or C, it is just determined to be C from the State)

      In my other data, each grouping has a rate - However, this rate is dependent on the amount, in this case, 250000.


      Here is data with groups A, B, and C. The left column is the $ in thousands, (so 250000 is 250), and I want to grab the rate in A column.


      Question 1: Assuming my $ is 250000, How would I do this?

      Question 2: if my $ is in the middle, like 55,000, I would need the rate between the 55 and 75 rate and interpolate it, how would I do this?



      Thank you in advance.