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    Paging with side-by-side visualizations


      Having some difficulty working through a dashboard. Please reference the attached workbook. The question is, can I have a single Page # filter to control all the worksheets, and if not, is there another way I can still show something similar in a different way?


      Due to the nature of the table calculation when using a paging technique found here:Paging View on the Dashboard I am unable to apply the filter to all pages


      The dashboard will be updating every day and have different amount of data (there won't be the same number of pages every day).


      You can see on the dashboard, if you set the page number on all of the filters, they will line up correctly.


      Am very open to other ways of thinking about it. Is there a better way to think about paging? If I ditch the paging, is there a way to get the worksheets aligned when scrolling?


      Any suggestions would be very helpful.