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    What product should we purchase to enable live connection [Urgent help needed]

    Kaixin Hao

      Hi everyone,


      i'm new to using Tableau and having issues with updating my dashboards automaticelly. To enable this, I would need some help identifying what product me and my viewers need to have.


      First, here're the products we're currently using:

      Me: Tableau Desktop Professional

      My viewers: Tableau Reader

      I build the dashboard and the viewers are accessing it useing the Reader.


      Issue: the viewer want to have the data updated automatically/real time, but in fact they can only see the data when I saved the Packaged workbook (Readers can only open packaged workbook). As we know, the packaged workbook is a zip file, so the data source is also packaged with the workbook and will not update on its own. In order to let them have the updated data, I'll have to manually open the packaged workbook -> refresh extract --> save. Then when they re-open the file in the Reader they would have the updated data. But this is not possible for me to spend my entire day just updating the source data.


      I've looked into automation opportunities or do it the programmatic way, but every Tableau supported tools links back to thee Tableau Server, not Desktop. And I'm not planning to use any third party non supported exe. to do so because that could protentially violate the Reader's liscense agreement.


      Hence, I'm here asking for your help, if I want to be able to have my dasboards updated automatically, what Tableau product should I use (the Server) and what producet should my viewer use (they're currently using the free Tableau Reader which only opens the packaged workbook).


      Thanks in advance everyone!