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    Interactive Bar Graphs

    Akshay Pallerla


      Hi Dear Community folks,


      I have been scratching my head for past two weeks to implement a requirement. It looks simple, but when I try implementing it I am lost somewhere.


      Background :

      We have a data source which determines if we have missed Service Level Agreement for each calendar day. If we met SLA, we have a field called SLA Status and it says 'SLA Met'.

      If we missed SLA, it would say 'SLA Missed'. If we missed any SLA, we need to find out the reason and attribute one from a defined list. We would have missed SLA because we held our jobs (code) not to run during some code migrations to production (Reason Code - Production Implementations) or we would have missed SLA if there was a system wide outage (Reason Code - System Outage) or we would have missed SLA because we held our jobs (code) not to run during some patching or version upgrade for any applications (Reason Code - Application Release) or we would have missed SLA because of some manual error which would cost us.



      Based on this data source, create a Tableau dashobard that displays two bar graphs, SLA Met and SLA Missed. Filters should be "Month - Year" , "Reason Code".

      By Default , bar graphs shall be populated such that all SLA met will be one bar and all SLA Missed shall be in another. The Reason Code filter shall be "All".

      Except when the reason code is "Manual Error" all other reason codes effectively means we would have met SLA if that outage / application patching was not there. So, if a business director wants to look at the picture in case we did not have those planned releases/implementations/outages, he would deselect one reason code , lets say "Application Release" from Reason Code Filter. The number of SLA Misses that were due to "Application Release shall be deducted from the SLA Missed Bar. However that number should get added to SLA Met Bar Graph with a different color. This way they will have a picture of how many SLAs would have been met except for Manual errors.


      I do not have a personal machine to install Tableau Public and cannot copy anything from client environment . I have created an excel spreadsheet that has mocked up data and how the bar graphs should look like.


      Really appreciate any help !


      Shawn Wallwork

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          Abhilash Sharma

          Hi Akshay,


          You need to create 3 different sheets since you want to show 3 different cases. Then you need to put them together in a dashboard and it will work the same way as you want them to.


          Please find below sample screenshots for reference:

          CASE 1:


          CASE 2:



          I have created 2 as an example. Use them as a reference and you should achieve what you want to show in the dashboard.


          Please mark helpful and/or correct if it helped.



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            Akshay Pallerla

            Hello Abhilash,


            Thanks for taking your time to respond. However, my requirement still is not solved

            I would need a fiter for Reason Code. By Default SLA Met shall be 18 and SLA Missed shall be 13. When I deselect the value "Application Release on reason code" SLA Met bar should become 22 and SLA Missed shall be 9. SLA Met Bar shall have two colors now.. Blue ones and orange ones (color for Application release)


            Also , if the user deselects application release and infrastructure release from the reason code filter, SLA Met Bar shall have three colors now with a value 24 and SLA Missed shall be 7.


            I hope I made myself clear this time.

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              Abhilash Sharma

              Hi Akshay,


              According to the data shared by you, SLA Met does not have any Reason Code values associated with it. Hence you will never be able to stack values on top of SLA Met unless you tweak your data itself.



              This is not a Tableau issue, this is something that you need to fix at the data itself. Tableau will only be able to display the values when the data is in the apt structure.


              Hope this helps!



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                Akshay Pallerla

                Hello Abhilash ,


                Agreed. Thanks for the comments. However , I was thinking if we can resort to a formula in excel or a calculated field in Tableau to get the job done? Any ideas that you got.

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                  Sandeep Das

                  Hi ,


                  I have considered two scenario to address this issue. Both of my solution have some disadvantage also!


                  Case 2 - If at a time only one non SLA code need to be added to Met SLA group. I have used parameter here hence if any new type (For non SLA) added in future manually parameter value needed to be updated.


                  Case 1: It will work for selection of N no of Non SLA code but as two different sheets working in background hence axis value is not synched. Again here instead of selecting things from filter you have to select color coding !!


                  You can refer to Tableau public dashboard:

                  Tableau Public





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                    Akshay Pallerla

                    That is an amazing work around Sandeep Das

                    Although the filter is a not as user friendly as the regular drop down filter, I think I need to live with that delimitation for now.

                    Really liked the way you have used Dashboard filter actions to resolve the requirement.


                    Thank you for the solution and uploading the Tableau Workbook.