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    Dataset has latitude and longitude but no ZIP - how can I bring in ZIP as a data element for mapping?

    Sean Morris

      Hi all. The post title says it all. I am playing around with a publically available dataset that includes all reported crime incidents in Philadelphia going back to 2006.


      The dataset includes the latitude and longitude of each incident, as well as the block (e.g. 1200 BLOCK MARKET STREET). I'd like to bring in ZIP code so that I can filter to specific areas within the city. I know Tableau has fairly powerful geocoding capabilities, but I'm still learning how to access those tools.


      The closest I can get is to bring in ZIP code as a map layer, so it's clear that Tableau KNOWS which ZIP code is associated with each point, but I can't figure out how to make that next step and bring in ZIP as a data element.

      I'd attach the workbook, but it's too large a file.