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    How to remove duplicate axis




      I am seeing duplicate labels coming on x-axis as highlighted below..please guide me how to remove the duplicate labels.


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          Joe Oppelt

          Whatever you have scratched out on the COLUMNS shelf in your screenshot has multiple values.  You are getting a separate set of year/month ticks for each of those values.


          Do you want to see the data separated by that scratched-out dimension?  If so, that's how it's going to look.  If not, then just take that dimension off the COLUMNS shelf.

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            My requirement is something like that only. I have 2 years of data and i want to show 2017 data in avg line. If i keep only year/month and remove duplicate on than my avg line value gets change. And i dont want that i want my avg line should stay same when i am looking for 2016 data.

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              Joe Oppelt

              You can have all dates in the sheet's table, but use a table calc to filter what gets displayed.

              Unlike a quick calc, which deletes rows from the table (and therefore messes up your average calc, for example), a table calc filter leaves the whole table intact, but only limits what part of the table gets displayed in the viz.


              LOOKUP( ATTR([Year field]) ,0 )


              Using the table calc function LOOKUP like my example will let you drag that calc onto FILTERS and display filter, and you will have all the possible [Year field] values in the filter.  Whatever you select in that filter will get displayed on the sheet, but the whole table underlying the sheet is all still there.

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                Thanks Joe.


                So my another problem is i am using average line in graph. but the thing is when i select 2016 and 2017 that avg line should only show 2017 avg it should not show 2016 avg. Is it possible ?

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                  It worked but by doing that my values are getting double. Looks like it is adding up values.

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    At this point I'd have to have an actual workbook to play with.  Can you upload something?

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                      I will see if i can share workbook. with you.


                      Also another question is I want to force blank space to show 0 in my report. I tried so many calculations but nothing worked. I tried Zn, Ifnull,Isnull.


                      I am using calculation something like


                      IF  COUNTD({ FIXED [xyz],[Complaint ],[Product],

                          DATETRUNC('month',[Year-Month ]):([Product diff])})>=0.01 AND

                          COUNTD ({fixed [xyz],[Complaint],[Product],

                          DATETRUNC('month', [Year-Month ]):(product diff])})<= 127


                      WINDOW_COUNT(SUM({ FIXED [xyz],[Complaint ],[Product ],

                      DATETRUNC('month', [Year-Month]):