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    Is there a way to replicate excel index function in tableau?

    chandrakanth k

      Hello All,


      In my data source I have two excel work books


      1. LDB V3 and 2. Calendar. I blended both files in tableau using System as key column.


      In LDB V3 I have due date and based on due date I need to find next available date in calendar and call it pay date.


      I was able to do this in excel using Index function. How do I replicate this in tableau?


      For line one where net due date is Jul 25 2018, I need to get first available date from "Calendar" which is 7/30/2018.

      If system is SAP and payment vendor is D and payment schedule is Rglr I need to refer to column "Biweekly - D" in calendar to arrive pay date 7/30/2018.

      In my secondary source I have 5 columns for


      Need help